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Instantly express a custom message for yourself, group, and business with our new masks! Our large screen, programmable, color changing LED mask is perfect for sales engagement, team promotion, loving someone special, wearing your flag, sharing your custom art or emoji's... the list goes on. 

Get noticed and make an impression with LED!

Have something to say about your day/crush/team/company/other??

You will have a riot with our new customizable LED masks.  Get your message across with compliments everywhere you go!

Share your message without saying a word

The best color changing LED screen available on a mask. Gift yourself, group, & business.

>Great for sales engagement, team promotion, business communication, group outings, night life, costumes, sharing your custom art & emoji's... 

>Adjustable color text can stay in a fixed position or adjust the scrolling speed & direction (left-right-up-down-blinking-laser-snowfall).

>Draw your own pictures or logo. Choose pre-loaded animations or draw your own custom designs & animate them easily.

>Talk or play music from your smartphone while the equalizer responds in real-time.

Download the FREE CoolLED1248 app through the App Store for your IOS phone or Google Play for your Android phone. Control multiple masks at a time and instantly change the messages. We can also pre-program a custom message for you before shipment, contact 

USB rechargeable battery & durable flexible LED panel are safely secured inside. The electronics can easily be removed for cleaning. Made with high quality breathable fabrics that are soft, safe and comfortable to wear. Soft adjustable elastic ear loops for the perfect fit. Can be worn daily. All genders and ages.

Package Contents

(1) Mask with programmable color changing LED

(1) PM2.5

(1) USB charging cord

(1) Manual with QR codes for the FREE CoolLED1248 App


Highest Quality Control

Fast Shipping from California



If you are not satisfied we will send you a new mask or give your money back. 


*Quantity orders available

**These are for non-medical purposes. No claim is made for medical or health functionality, including disease prevention, respiratory protection, or filtration capability.